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Your code never enters our servers. We collect no usage data, personal data, or similar. We sell software, not data.
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Invite your entire team

All plans (including free) offer unlimited collaborators at no extra charge. You can invite your entire engineering department, HR, and even your family if you want.

Track progress, anywhere

The dashboard contains various coverage graphs to measure progress, and you can even add them to your own dashboard with our API to share with your team outside OtterWise.

Onboarding assistance

All paid plans include an optional onboarding session, where we help you get started with OtterWise and answer any questions you might have.

Tailored to your workflow

OtterWise is built to be flexible for any use case. You can configure which files to ignore, when to fail CI, how to calculate coverage, and much more.

Proactive risk identification

With per-line test coverage, type coverage, mutation coverage, and much more, OtterWise will enhance the reliability of your codebase.